When Leonardo DiCaprio Almost Dad ‘Baywatch’ Role


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Michael Berk and Douglas Schwartz, the producers behind ‘Baywatch’ made a revealing statement saying that actor Leonardo DiCaprio just landed the role of David Hasselhoff’s son on the hit ’90s show.This came out when Michael Berk said, “We actually had DiCaprio ready to be cast. But David thought he was too old to play his son.” to the Hollywood Reported.

Titanic fame actor was only 15 years old when he gave a perfect audition for the part of Mitch Buchannon’s (David Hasselhoff ) son Hobie.To this statement made by Michael Berk, the co-producer Douglas added, “David thought it would make him look older. He had a lot of concerns of that type,” added Schwartz. Thus this role was passed on to the nine-year-old Jeremy Jackson.

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Though Leonardo was not the only person against whom Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) showed resentment. Apart from ‘Revenant’ star, Pamela was also targeted. Mitch Buchannon tried hard so that Pamela Anderson does not get a role in the second season of Baywatch.”David said, ‘I don’t want a girl that’s been in Playboy,” Berk said, adding “He said, ‘Children watch this show’. This revelation came as a heartbreak for Baywatch and Dicaprio’s fans, they feel what a loss was this, the combination of Baywatch and Leonardo according to them would have been killer.

If Mitch had not intervened then the producers would have surely gone forthen-15-year-old Leo as David Hasselhoff’s son. The iconic lifegaurd series of 1990s would have been different altogether

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