Bold Step: Depp Changes It To ‘Scum’ From ‘Slim’


Yes, we are talking about Johnny Depp and his celebrated tattoo which was a tribute to his wife Amber Heard and read as Slim, but now it’s altered and reads as Scum. The ink on his knuckle was for his wife, actor Amber heard but it was SLIM till she was his wife. Now when they both stand apart he has got it altered as SCUM. The phase of their divorce was into a lot of unwanted limelight and turned out to be a matter of public interest. The controversial statements and debates might have ignited Depp to take this step. The claims made by Amber Heard that accused Depp of torturing her with physical abuse during their 15 month long marriage left no reasons for Depp to keep that tattoo intact at its place.


For Depp, it not a bid deal, he is quick at getting inked be it to show his love or be it post breakup. This habit of his dates long back as during 1990’s he got a tattoo reading “Winona Forever”, giving proof of her romance with Winona Ryder. Though when the relationship went on rocks, the tattoo suddenly appeared as “Wino Forever”.

Heard filed for the divorce on the grounds of physical assault by Johnny Depp. A lot of her photos went viral that showed actress in bruises around her, though the fan club of Depp clearly refused to agree these allegations and lashed Heard for being so diplomatic.

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